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G30 Consultants provides objective consultancy on technology, architecture and the process of designing, developing and deploying software systems. The basis of this authorative and broad coverage comes from experience gained over the past nearly forty years in; Computer Manufacturers at Apricot and Tandon, Systems Software Publishers like Digital Research and Novell, Financial Systems with Pegasus Software, startups like Joost, Platform Architecture and Engineering with BBC Online and STEM Publishing and Technology Enterprise Architecture for Elsevier.

This web site shows some of our ongoing projects, publications and documentation. In doing this the aim is to show the breadth of coverage of technology today. Scientific Research Publishing is a Flipboard magazine on the business of Scientific Research Publishing with ~ 1,500 subscribers. The Walled Garden and Prairie is a Chatauqua on philosophic tensions in Architecture, Security and Infrastructure. The Wiki is a place for us to publish documentation, articles in an open and public way.

This site is cookieless, no cookies are set and no information is captured other than access logs. If the Wiki pages are accessed then there are Confluence cookies set, you should be prompted and informed on their use.



Seville Project

Capability Mapping Tool.

Using a curated taxonomy the tool enables the mapping of an Organisation to its capabilities, both internal and external. Progress includes the cleaning up of SIC and NAICS Codes.

Common diagrammatic vocabulary of Architecture



is a repository for public and private notes, a kind of web Kasten as used by Liebniz. Zettel.io will provide a solution as to how to manage notes, papers and slips without regard to the tool or editor used to create them. It is a set of repositories, both public and private, that stores and indexes content and does so with the lowest barrier to entry.


The Walled Garden & Prairie


This Chatauqua is a series on what is generally seen as two major incompatible views on how to design, implement and operate information systems. The aim is to explore how both general approaches make sense in different ways and in combination rather than in antagonism. In choosing Walled Garden and Prairie to categorise these two general approaches it might seem that I have a negative bias to one or the other, that really isn't where this is coming from. Walled Garden is often treated as a derogatory term, with hard perimeters, control and command hierarchies and long term planning but its also (in its original use) about providing the right conditions for different plants with different requirements and a structured navigation which allows maintenance, gardening without obstructing or affecting the rest of the Garden. In its way the Prairie might seem without controls, borders, vulnerable and inefficient but it's also resilient because there is no single point of failure and burning it down periodically keeps it healthy.

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